Tent of Hope

It seems that this decade we have experienced more traumatic events than usual; floods, cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Why so many?
Is something happening to our world?Is God or evil involved?

Is the world ending soon?

Are the doom and gloom merchants right?

Is there a heaven? If so, How do I get there?

Should I be going to church? In fact, what is a Christian?

Redlands Easter Family Festival this year will include the 'Tent of Hope' run by our friendly volunteers who look forward to a friendly chat. Also there will be a Prayer and Healing Tent and the amazing Tent of Promise where you can see the whole panorama of Biblical History displayed in pictures on a massive mural. 


Please note that the Tent of Hope will set up early this year.  They will have nightly events starting Tuesday 11 April 2017.