Tent of Hope

It seems that this decade we have experienced more traumatic events than usual; floods, cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Why so many?
Is something happening to our world?Is God or evil involved?

Is the world ending soon?

Are the doom and gloom merchants right?

Is there a heaven? If so, How do I get there?

Should I be going to church? In fact, what is a Christian?

Redlands Easter Family Festival this year will include the 'Tent of Hope' run by our friendly volunteers who look forward to a friendly chat. Also there will be a Prayer and Healing Tent and the amazing Tent of Promise where you can see the whole panorama of Biblical History displayed in pictures on a massive mural. 


Please note that the Tent of Hope will set up early this year.  They will have nightly events starting Tuesday 11 April 2017.  

Prayer Warriors

The following churches have joined the "40 days of Prayer and Fasting" for the Festival, so far.

  • Anglican at Birkdale
  • Lutheran Campuses
  • New Hope- AOG
  • St Paul's Anglican Cleveland
  • St Rita's Catholic Church Vic.Pt.
  • Nazarene Theological College
  • Baycoast Christian Outreach Centre
  • Mt. Cotton Community Fellowship
  • Redland City Church
  • Capalaba Uniting Church
  • Christian Gospel Centre
  • Trinity Uniting Church- Well.Pt.
  • Bayside Christian Church-AOG
  • Cleveland Baptist Church
  • Redland Christian Reformed Church
  • Presbyterian Church- Capalaba
  • Birkdale Baptist Church
  • Cleveland Uniting
  • Ormiston Christian Faith Church
  • Redlands Community Baptist Chapel
  • River of Blessing Church
  • Lighthouse Community Church-Stradbroke
  • Harvest City Church
  • Victoria Pt Baptist Church

If you would like your church to be part of the praying churches for this Easter's Christian event, please contact Mrs. Daphne Damant, the prayer coordinator. It's exciting to know so many churches are keen to pray - each doing our part to bring the whole event together in harmony and unity for the Glory of God.

The Committee really appreciate your prayers which will underpin the success of this event, and we look forward to partnering with you for the extension of His Kingdom as we work together for His Glory on Easter Monday.

Sponsoring Churches

These are the churches who sponsored the REFF in 2013. We thank them for their support.
If you would like to become a financial partner with us, we will add your name to this list.
If you are already a financial partner with us, but your church is not listed, or amendments are required to your churches details, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alexandra Hills





Mt Cotton


Redland Bay


Victoria Point

Wellington Point


Sponsoring Organisations & Businesses

We are very appreciative of the support we've received from our sponsors in all the years up to and including 2017. We are truly grateful for their financial and support-in-kind, and acknowledge that their wonderful generosity continues to make the REFF a free day for families to enjoy.

We are always looking for businesses to become financial partners with us, we would be very glad to acknowledge you in our growing list below;


Past and Present Sponsors

        redlandscollege      ChampionsChurch Logo  
image001       GoldCoastBakery  Scottysthemovers
AIC  Fitini  JJRichards    LeesCompanyLogo



Other Sponsors

  1. Bunker Media
  2. Cleveland High School

The 2017 Programme

This year, 2017 the REFF is being held on Monday the 17th of April, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. with the theme: "Connections" Good News for Redlands City!

The Redlands City Choir will be performing during the program, while the official opening which is happening at 10am by Karen Williams, Mayor of Redland City Council.

Showcasing the wonderful services that are available to our local community, across the Redlands City area. Monday the 17th April 2017 - Don't miss it!

More details to be coming soon. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date!